Overcoming your ego

What is the EGO exactly?

Your ego is your darkness.
Your ego is your mask, your hurt.
Your ego is the familiar parts of you, that keep you stagnant in areas of your life you want to change; your ego keeps you there because it’s familiar.

In this 5day “talk series” we will be discussing parts of your ego that are holding you hostage from stepping into your “TRUE SELF” and living your BEST LIFE…

Day 1 – Overcoming the Ego
Day 2 – How to STOP self-sabotaging Yourself
Day 3 – How to Stop the People Pleasing disease
Day 4 – Expectation Be-gone
Day 5 – The Mind Body Spirit connection

What you will receive from the
“OverComing the Ego Talk Series”

– Understanding the Ego and How to get grip of it.
– Clarity on where your energy is stuck and how to get UNstuck
– Know how to Navigate between Lower Vibrations into Higher Vibrations.
– Feelings of Re-Newal

Among many more benefits that will be based on individual participation.

Monday November 22 to Friday November 26, 2021
7 – 8:30 pm EST